Baby Talk

On Tuesday, May 22, I joined my mother and her sisters at my aunt’s house to watch the finale of American Idol. I haven’t really been following all the drama therein, so I can’t say that I approve or disapprove of the final verdict. I can say that of the shows that I had watched over the course of the season, every one of them had me thinking, “They couldn’t find anyone better than this?” However, this is usually my thought process regarding American Idol, but I digress.

We sat down for cocktails and began the chatting about life, love, location, and everything. Mom is, of course, of the opinion that I should move back to Wisconsin so that she can be close to me as I incubate and give birth to her future grandchildren. She went into a long meandering speech on the subject, to which I responded with the obligatory eye-roll, the whole scene getting a giggle from my two aunts. Denise asked me how many kids James and I wanted. Without hesitating, I gave the answer we have discussed and agreed on. Three. Then she asked how old I was. I told my age, and she said that I had plenty of time, indicating that my mom should just relax about the whole idea. And I have to admit that this surprised me.

The last couple times I’ve been home, especially since I’ve been married, but even before, I’ve gotten the whole baby inquiry from Mom and other relatives. The sisters are itching for a little girl to dress up, and I might be the next chance for them to get one. To be honest, I don’t mind the gentle probing on the topic. It’s something I like to think about my future, and it’s also a slight source of pride for me because I’ve always intended to wait until I’m ready for major life steps such as these. And not that there’s anything wrong with it, but of all the pregnancies I know of, past or present, each one had something of an “oops” in it. I think it might surprise my relatives a little bit that I haven’t had an “oops” yet. So, sometimes I do rather enjoy the teasing. But it was also rather refreshing to hear something else. To be assured by someone other than myself and my spouse that waiting is the right thing. The best thing.

I always enjoy spending time with my mom and aunts. They make me feel proud and beautiful and confident. They inspire me with their lives. I admire their relationships with each other. Because even though there were times in their pasts when they didn’t get along, hated each other, even, they have fun together, enjoy each other, and appreciate the positive. They are always glad to share their sister time with a daughter and niece, and I’m grateful to be included, because these girls are really a blast.


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