Two Bags Full

I cleaned out my dresser drawers yesterday and today. I filled up two bags with clothes that are too small, clothes that I haven’t worn in a long time, that I will probably never wear again. I should have room in the drawers, even after the laundry is done, to fit the clothes that I need.

And I only filled up one plastic tub with the winter stuff or the stuff that I somehow felt the need to save. This is the first step of the bedroom cleaning process. I feel good about it. Though James came home and rolled his eyes that I filled two garbage bags with clothes to give away because the last time I did that, well, let’s just say that almost half those clothes in the garbage bags have been in a similar situation for some time before this round. But this time, I know where the charity drop box is, and we will finally be rid of those old clothes.

I’ve been feeling incredibly fat lately. Even more so since I tried on the pairs of pants that have been hanging around at the bottom of my drawers and on the closet floor. Not that it matters that most of those jeans and slacks didn’t fit anymore because they were those old high-waisted things with super-wide legs that I used to think were comfortable, but really just showed a lack of good judgment with regard to fashion. Because I now own several articles of clothing that are not only comfortable, but also look okay. Actually, I don’t think I’ll ever be any sort of fashion plate, but at least I can mix and match plain colors in clothes that fit so that I’ll probably never be stopped on the street by Ambush Makeover.

But I wish that my clothes fit a little better. Because I used up the last of my gift card from Old Navy this afternoon because some of my older shirts are getting a little bit tired, and I really shouldn’t use any additional money for such luxuries as pants in a larger size. Besides that, I was doing so well with the diet and exercise for awhile there, and I’d like to get back in that habit, which, in theory, should give the pants a better shape to show.

In other news, I was watching my dvd of Fraggle Rock today, and I noticed for the first time how Gobo has a Midwestern accent. No wonder everyone liked him so much. Me, I always liked Mokey. She’s artsy. I identify with that.


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