The Big D

So I’m Done. Yes that’s Done with the capital D. Okay, so not completely, totally done with the entire degree or anything but Done for the semester. Done with papers and projects, and taking a day or two to direct my attention to scanning some new art and making some more, to cleaning up a little bit and finding a mortgage. We’re excited about moving, and we hope that we can find something good. Ideally, it would be a two-bedroom with a den. That way we’d have the extra bedroom, but also have a place to keep our extra television (because we both agree that having the TV in the bedroom is a no-no), our computer, books and perhaps a papasan chair. I love those things. They are so comfortable.

Last night there was a class potluck, and I made my mom’s famous cheese squares. They were just as good as I remembered (and I even used the cream cheese with 1/3 less fat–not the fat free because I just couldn’t bear that much absence of fat). People ate them and enjoyed them. I ate what they brought and enjoyed it all. Although by the time I got home, the only taste left in my mouth was severe garlic. Too bad the taste of oh-my-god chocolate cake doesn’t stick around like garlic does. That would be awesome. It was a good party, but I really think that we should have parties like this more toward the beginning of the semester. Because we get together and talk and hang out, we learn about our classmate’s lives, and then all of a sudden, we will probably never see these people again. Because it is summer. And some of them are graduating. If we did this earlier in the semester, we would be able to continue cultivating these new friendships over the course of meeting for class, hanging out before or after, and just generally feeling a little bit less like strangers sitting in that circle of desks.

Tonight we’re going to a seminar for first-time home buyers. James is actually off of work tonight, and even though I would have probably gone myself if he had been working, I’m glad that we can both go. I feel like I’ve been doing the lion’s share of the reading and research about this home stuff, and James knows that I have. He says that I can just tell him what we need to do and what he needs to know, but while I could do that, it’s tough with mortgages and contracts and I still don’t really understand the concept of escrow, so I’m feeling like if I tried to explain what I think I understand, we could both end up doing or thinking the wrong things because I still don’t feel very confident or comfortable in the knowledge that I do have. And when I explained all that, James was happy–or at least willing–to go to this seminar with me. Even though it’s kind of inconvenient, it’s also pretty important. And exciting, too.

I feel like all my conversations lately have to do with mortgages and house-hunting. But I guess it’s not so different than when I was all about the wedding. I try not to talk about it, because I know it can all get very boring very fast, but at the same time, when most of your life revolves around something major like a wedding or a home purchase, it can be hard to find something else to discuss.

I do have other things going on that I need to focus on. The main thing being the exam. I have books galore on the dining room table, waiting for the study-bug to bite, and I am planning on making the effort. But this week, I’m done. I’m between. I need to spend a minute and shift gears. So I’m working on other things, still being productive with the scanning and the real estate stuff, but not so academic at the moment. I am breathing.


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