JamesSunday night our team, the Hurtmakers, played two softball games. The weather was beautiful–warm in the sun, but not too warm, cool in the shade, but not too cool. And guess what… the game was pretty fun. It was neat to see us all play together as a team instead of against each other like in practice. I honestly didn’t know how it would be, because although I’ve spent time with some of my teammates socially, they’re mostly my husband’s friends and people he knows from work. But over the course of our sporting adventures, I’ve gotten to know some of them, and they’re a decent group. So I guess I’m optimistic.

In case you didn’t notice, I haven’t mentioned the score. The reason I haven’t mentioned the score is because I have no idea what the scores actually were. Someone must have been keeping track, but really, all I know is that we lost. By a lot. But I think only one person on the team was really upset about that. The rest of us just had a nice time playing ball. Even I had a nice time playing ball.

I played right-center field. A good place for me, I think. I saw a little more action than I would have in right, and there was actually one hit that went way over the right fielder’s head, so I was glad it wasn’t me who had to run like a fiend to go get a ball that probably should have gone foul instead of being an in the park home run. But in the last inning I played, the guy in left-center told me to switch with him. I think it had to do with the batter that was coming up, but I stayed in left-center for the rest of that inning and I TOTALLY CAUGHT A FLY BALL!

It was awesome. James was so proud. He was sitting on the bench (because I was in the first game and he was in the second one), and when they saw the ball heading right for me, the guy sitting next to him said, “Is she afraid of it?” James said, “Nah, she’s got it.” And I did! I felt so awesome, especially when we came in to bat and everyone on my team was all, “Nice catch,” and stuff like that.

As for batting, James and I did about the same, except for the fact that he actually got to score a couple runs. I got out at second both times I got on base. We both hit the ball once to get on base, and walked once. I also struck out once, and he grounded out once. Not bad. Now my goal is to actually make it to second base. Then I’ll be glad.

Overall, it’s nice not to be the worst player on the team for once. Of the girls on our team, James seems to think I’m actually the second best, but I’m probably more like third or fourth. And I’m cool with that. I can catch and run and sometimes hit. In other words, maybe what I didn’t like about softball (besides the bugs… I’ll always loathe the bugs) was the atmosphere of the practices. It really is a totally different feeling when you’re playing an actual game against a team of people you don’t know at all. I had forgotten about that.


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