I’m That Girl

Okay, so you know those idiotic customers you have that don’t know thing one about the product that they’re dealing with. Well, I am that person. And from this end of things, I just have to say that we really don’t mean to be so stupid, we just happened to forget to think just ONE TIME. And for my part, I do sincerely promise to learn from my ineptitude and not be such an idiot in the future.

Remember how my scanner was broken? Well today it finally got taken in for service by my loving husband who is totally cool and the most awesome creature on the planet for putting up with the slow-moving construction traffic there and back and there and back again. Did I mention that my husband rocks and I love him oh so very much? Yes? Okay, so maybe you can understand the extent of my desire to dig myself the deepest hole and sit there all night thinking about what I’ve done when I overheard him on the phone with Epson and they’re telling him that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my scanner, which he spent his day off driving up and down the beltway.

Nothing wrong? How could that be? It wouldn’t turn on! We checked the plugs, the outlets, the connection to the computer, everything! What’s that, you say? There’s a power switch? …ON THE SIDE????


How ’bout that.

Now, don’t you think, when I initially contacted tech support, that the first thing they would ask would be, “Did you check the power switch on the side?” Because that’s the kind of person they are used to dealing with? The kind of person who thinks the little button on the front that used to make the scanner go was the actual power button. But, no. Did I do the best job of explaining the problem when I contacted tech support? Probably not. I just thought it wouldn’t turn on. I thought I picked the thing up and looked on each side for something that would give me a clue, but who knows, now that I’ve learned how much of an idiot I am, maybe I forgot that part and only fabricated my memory of it in order to make myself feel less like the idiot that I so clearly am.

I feel so bad that because of his crappy day of driving my scanner around my husband has turned to drink. I feel bad that it’s pretty much all my fault that his day off ended up inflicting more stress upon him than a day at the store. I feel bad that I forgot to pick up lunch meat or tonic water when I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, because if I had, then maybe he would be just a little bit less grumpy than he is after returning from the store where the tonic had been rustled to the point of over-enthusiasm on the occasion of its opening.

I am dumb.

At least it’s only little stuff. Stuff that will easily blow over. Probably by the time 24 is on. Though I don’t know when one of us will actually be able to go and retrieve the perfectly not broken scanner from the repair center this week. A discussion for later, I guess.


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