Saving Babies

sweatshirtThis morning was my walk for the March of Dimes. I set a fundraising goal of $250. I raised $290. My team, the Springfield Chamber of Commerce raised almost $2000. That’s pretty good news, if I do say so myself. And it was fun to walk, even though it was a little cold, and orange is not the most flattering color on me.

I always feel kind of bad for asking my friends and family for money, even for a good cause like this one. But at the same time, I do feel like it’s better to give money to someone you know rather than to the anonymous solicitations that come into your mailbox, though some of those causes are good ones, too. Anyway, when I approached my friends and family with news of my participation in this walk, I made sure to let them know that I appreciated every kind of support, not just the financial part. I hope that they know this to be true. I am extremely grateful to them all.

What I wrote to them, I haven’t written here, so I’ll mention that I walked for several reasons. The first being that it was so easy to participate, with the online registration, and the team leadership right there in my office ever day. Another reason is for my nephew, Zach, who was born prematurely twelve years ago or so. Another reason is that I often mean to do more charitable things like volunteering or something because I don’t really have much money to give. And finally, in the not too distant future, James and I will be starting our own family, and I pray that we will be fortunate not to have to deal with prematurity, but if we do, I would want as many people on my side of the fight as possible, which is where the March of Dimes comes in.

I look forward to doing this walk again next year. I had a great time, which made it barely feel like charity. Or maybe, the fun and feeling good is what makes it feel the most like charity.


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