What’s for Dinner

I don’t like thinking about food. I like breakfast because I know what to expect. Every day that I go to work, which is six out of seven in the week, I eat a whole-grain bagel with peanut butter. I just switched to natural peanut butter because that is better for me. But it’s always a Thomas’ bagel and Skippy. I know that it fills me up until 12:30 or 1:00pm, and then if I remember to bring it with me to work, I have a granola bar.

When I get home from work, I have hummus and pita bread. By that time, it’s after 2:00, so it does the job until dinner time. But dinner, that’s another story.

Unless it’s one of those days where you just know exactly what you’re craving, like Chipotle and milkshakes, or Macaroni and Cheese, I really don’t like to think about dinner. That’s why we often end up with those frozen skillet meals or going out to eat or something that my husband happens to mention, which sounds good. What I should probably do is start planning menus. Because for me, that would take the stress out of the food situation. There would be a couple of days worth of dinners in the house, and we could count on a certain meal on a certain day every week or two weeks, depending on the rate of rotation.

Of course I realize that some people might find this terribly boring, my husband probably included. Kind of a shame. I like a treat now and then, the occasional shrimp scampi or maybe just a milkshake, but I enjoy my routine of breakfast and lunch so much that I’ve been thinking of how I can get the same distance from the dinner decisions. Because I can’t just always count on James to decide. He’s more indecisive than I am. That’s why maybe this menu idea might be a good thing. I might have to try it. Someday soon.


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