Last couple nights, I’ve been having trouble falling asleep. Not for any real reason that I can think of, just not tired. Or feeling tired but hitting the bed and feeling immediately awake.

Not being able to sleep has allowed me to learn a few things. I now know exactly where my covers go during the night, and precisely how. James always rolls in the same direction, and he has a knack for taking the blankets with him. Another fascinating thing I’ve learned about my husband is that he is one of the few human beings I know who can snore just as loudly on his side as on his back. He never ceases to astonish me.

When I sleep through the night, I don’t notice these things. I don’t notice the gurgle of the humidifier or the faint beep of a distant tow truck. When I sleep through the night, I miss out on three trips to the bathroom: one because the eyelashes have rebelled (again), two because I have to pee, and three because I finally fell asleep only to be choked by my own draining sinuses and their mucus parade.

Okay, even though the day after a night like this usually resembles something like watching your weight in a funhouse mirror, I kind of do enjoy the part about watching and listening to my husband sleep. He gets concerned because he’s afraid I’m not sleeping because he scratches too much in the night, or rolls too much, or talks or something that keeps me up. None of that is true. If anything, it’s eventually the sound of his breathing and the warmth of his skin that ultimately draws me down to dreamland. I think this trouble is all in my own mind. I get sensitive and I overreact to whatever stress is in my life. I think about buying a house, money and moving and everything related and it starts to get me excited, but also freak me out.

Last night, I finally slept through pretty well, but I’m still residually tired from the previous few nights. Daylight savings has ended. So maybe I just haven’t caught up. You don’t have to tell me, though, I know that if this keeps up, I should do something about it. And I will. But with any luck, this too shall pass without much further incident. It better, because I really don’t like going to the doctor.


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