I am so excited for this site that a friend recently suggested. It’s, and it’s a streaming music experience. I usually listen to internet radio at work, since I don’t have a regular radio, and honestly, Windows Media Player radio is okay, but the quality’s not that great. When I tried Pandora, I was blown away. The music is cd quality, and you can tell it exactly what music you like, and it finds music to suit those exact tastes. If it plays a song you don’t care for, or that you’re sick of, you can let it know and it will accommodate your preferences. If you like a song that it plays, you can give it a “thumbs up,” and it will try to find more music like it. So awesome. And you can have as many as 100 different stations, all custom designed to your individual tastes or mood. I am so excited by this, which is why I’m singing its praises here on my blog. Because you should totally check it out.


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