Lost in Translation

Me: Thank you for calling Borders Springfield, this is Sara, how can I help you?

Customer (sounds quite young, female): I’m looking for three books.

Me: Okay, what are the books?

Girl: The first one is Catch 22.

Me: We should have that, what’s the next one?

Girl: The Invisible Man.

Me: Should have that one, too. And the next?

Girl: Don Quixote (pronounces it Quick-zoht).

Me: Are you looking for a particular translator?

Girl: What do you mean?

Me: Well, it was originally written in Spanish, so is there a specific translation that you need?

Girl: Yeah… English.

Me: Please hold.


One thought on “Lost in Translation

  1. Brighty18 says:

    Sad, is it not? It’s like the people who ask for Sid Arthur (by Herman Hesse!) or for non-fiction novels. Where were they in school?

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