From the Nerd of My Heart

don't shoot

I’ve been kicking ass and taking naps. So, the school thing is going alright. I still go back and forth about the big exam that is now less than two months away. I have a lot of reading to do before then, but I’ve also been keeping up, and even working mildly ahead, in my actual classes. This week’s Thursday Nonfiction will feature none other than Natasha. She claims that a profile on her will put my class to sleep, but having spent a few hours with her yesterday, I think I’ll be able to bring out the fun. And the funk. Or at least complete the first profile assignment.

What’s freaking me out is that I have to collect a story from someone. And it has to be told to me “in person,” or at least vocally enough that I can somehow capture word-for-word inflections and all on a recording device of some sort. I am nervous about this because I don’t know who has stories, or what kind, or who to ask? I’m sure this can be done over speakerphone, so maybe I’ll check in with the parents and see if they want to share some of their rememberings with me.

The scanner will be heading to Maryland for hardware servicing. Good that it’s still under warranty, but bad that we have to dig up some time to actually go to Maryland.

We did get a shiny new flat-screen monitor, though. And it is wicked awesome, a term I don’t just go throwing around all willy-nilly.

I was thinking about this blog today, and I thought I didn’t have anything to write about. So my brain was attempting to come up with something worthy. Then I sat down, and all of the above came pouring out. I’ll have to write about Jerry the mailman, and fairy-tale babies another time. Maybe the latter will have more fuel after I return from my folklore class tomorrow night.

Oh, yeah, and the husband is cooking me shrimp on Wednesday. You know, for Valentine’s. We’ve worked it out pretty good, I get yummy food and he gets laid. Not a bad holiday at all. Especially if you celebrate it on the 15th because of class or something. And if you’ve already both agreed that since you just shelled out significant dollars for a new monitor (not a frivolous purchase, the other one totally went mental–I think the scanner had something to do with it or maybe it was the other way around. Nope, scanner’s still dead), no substantial sums will be spent on frivolous heart-y pants baubles or toys. It’s always best not to make your bank account beg and cry.


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