Suck it, Epson.

I actually got the photo printer working again. Or, you know, it just decided to print correctly because it realized that I was about to hurl it at the wall. Or because it felt sympathetic to my screams at its cousin, the scanner.

What do you do with a device that doesn’t turn on? Yes, I checked the power. It is plugged in. I even unplugged both alarm clocks to see if maybe it wasn’t the specific outlet that it was finding disagreeable. I checked that it was plugged into the wall, the little black boxlike connector cord, and the back of the machine. Power is there. And yes, I checked that it was connected to the computer, although how that would effect the power, I couldn’t tell you.

Granted, I haven’t used the scanner in awhile, what with being busy with the reading and the writing and the general unease that being in graduate school brings, so maybe the scanner’s feeling neglected. But I thought that the reason we rely so much on machinery is because machines ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE MOOD SWINGS!

Maybe James can fix it. But if he does, then I’ll feel even more brainless. And yesterday was such a good day. So productive, so invigorating . Even the part where I fell asleep in the library. How quickly things change.


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