So, the cell phone has been recovered. I drove to work this morning, and before I left for the day, I used the office phone to call the church about their lost and found. I got in my car to head over there and as I buckled myself in, there it was on the floor of the passenger side, displaying “7 missed calls” in all its silent glory.

The only possible explanation at this point is cell phone gnomes. They go into your purse when you’re not looking, cause a panic for 24 hours–just enough time to finally call and cancel the service to the phone–and then return it, again when you’re not looking. Husband and I checked all over that silly car three times yesterday. Perhaps it was the driving that conjured the thing back into the material plane. Vibrations.

Anyway, now I’m making sure I write down all the phone numbers stored in there for easy access in case of a real catastrophe. And as for the Virginia marriage amendment, I’m trying to find a petition to sign against it. You should, too. Because it’s not only limiting the rights of homosexuals; the restrictions on these types of amendments extend to all unmarried people, even heterosexual ones. It’s all very muddy. A slippery slope. I’ve been reading some of the linked articles at, and they’ve got some good information. Give the religious right an inch, and see what they take. They’re after everyone’s reproductive rights, restricting access to proper education and certain types of birth control based on their own highly biased moral views (this goes beyond the abortion issue alone). Gay or straight, our freedoms and the foundations that this country was built upon are at stake. If you haven’t been affected yet directly, you will be. Don’t wait around until it’s too late.

Getting down off the soapbox now. I’m not cut out for standing up there. But it’s hard not to say something when you feel strongly. And I’ve tried to listen to the strong statements in favor of these marriage amendments, tried to keep an open mind, but it just doesn’t make sense not to offer equal rights to everyone. And civil unions and domestic partnership alternatives don’t provide equal rights as marriage. They just don’t. And I don’t understand why. It’s not like straight people have been giving marriage a great reputation lately. Okay, now I’m really done.


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