Somewhere in Wisconsin…

So it’s Wednesday now. We had a good ride up to Wisconsin on Saturday. We made excellent time, actually. Even got to have dinner with my in-laws. And drinks with my parents. On Sunday, I sat down with my mom and showed her all about the internet. Not really, but they got this new laptop, on which I am typing this right now, and I showed my mom the new website I’ve got up. Of course, she was impressed. And I thought long and hard about linking from there to here, because, well, this is my journal of internal things, feelings, jokes, ranting, raving, etc. and do I really want my parents listening in? But the way I figure, this has always been out there for anyone to read, and most of what I say on here doesn’t really come as much of a surprise to folks who know me. And why would any of this come as a surprise to the people who knew me before I was born? So with this post, I welcome my parents to my blog.

I’ll have more to update on another day, and after getting home, I will also have some pictures to share. Tonight, we go from staying with my parents to staying with James’ parents, from dog allergies to smoke (although the mother-in-law has cut down significantly, it still makes me sad and a little stuffy in the nose when she has her occasional puff). Hopefully we’ll get to see some friends soon, because as much as I love our parents, I haven’t seen anyone of the friend sect since we arrived. And I miss them, too.


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