On the Road Again

So, we leave tomorrow morning for our week in Milwaukee. I’m more than a little excited. I get to see a lot of family on Sunday and spend time with Moms and Dads during the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in some good times with some buds, and if you’re on the scene and free, give me a call.

Because of this trip, I don’t know how often I’ll be posting, but usually I find a way to get online here at least once or twice. I’m hoping to get some reading done in my downtime, but it’ll be a little bit harder this trip because, get this, James and I will actually be staying in the same place together. We’re married now, so our parents are all cool with letting us sleep over in the same bed as each other. That’s how you know you’re really an adult. Anyway, with him being around and us being around our parents, it might not be the ideal environment for the reading of poetry, but I’ll make the attempt. There’s always the book pages to work on if I feel the need to be productive without being antisocial.

I’m mostly packed, going to hang out with Natasha again tonight, but not too late because of the whole driving early in the morning plan. Keep your fingers crossed that we have good weather on our way and that we’ll have good weather next weekend on our way back.


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