Style on a Shoestring

So I hit Old Navy this afternoon, and I felt the need to inform all of you, my loyal readers, that my bargain prowess is beyond all measure. I got four shirts (two long-sleeve, two short) a pair of corduroys and one more pair of pants for $44. I have spent this same amount of money on a fraction of these things, which might suggest that my knack for hunting bargains is a recent acquisition. However, I assure you that I have always been frugal, the times I’ve splurged only meant that I either had a little extra to spend, really needed a certain article of clothing at a certain time when it happened to not be on super-mega clearance, or just plain didn’t care. But today, I am thrilled with my low-price finds, which included a pair of awesome dress pants for… get this… under $5. Jealous?

While I might be using next week’s trip as an excuse to spend a few extra dollars on clothing, I actually did need a couple of items. My short-sleeve shirts have gotten a little bit worn out, not to mention shrunk, and I have an old pair of pants for work that’s just gotten disgusting. I only have so much to choose from, these days, so sometimes, I just have to smoosh myself on into them and wear a big sweater to camouflage the various rolls and ripples that result. Anyway, I needed to make some replacements to the wardrobe. And it turned out that my timing couldn’t have been better. The only other place I’ve spent so little on so many choice garments is Goodwill. And I’ve sort of outgrown that enthusiasm for wearing someone else’s junk.

Next on the list, exercise. I need a better plan than the plans I’ve attempted to this point. I’m considering trying the whole getting up early for Pilates thing again. I don’t know. I just know that I don’t like this body right now, but I’m comfortable with my life and routines. An unfortunate combination, indeed.

But, hey, did I mention I got a pair of pin-striped dress pants for under $5?


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