Good Work

I’ve been working on some new book pages. I’m pretty excited about the project, so I don’t consider it to be time wasted. In fact, I’ve even succeeded at integrating it into social activity. Friday night, Carrie and Natasha came over to do crafts. I colored in my book, Natasha worked her cross-stitch mojo, and Carrie put together a couple of scrapbook pages. We had a movie on but weren’t watching it. We just chatted about who-knows-what while we each did our thing. And yesterday, after work, I went over to Natasha’s house where we did more of the same.

It’s been a good week for friends. I feel like I’m building some strong bonds, and I hope that when the new friends I’ve grown to love actually move away like they plan to, that we will still be as close as people can be with a continent shoved between them. And looking at my history of friendships, I think that it will be okay (see Friday’s post).

It has unfortunately not been a good week for the studies. I really need to have this rationalization thing done early this week so that I can get my list approved before the semester starts. And the week before the semester starts, we’re going to be in Milwaukee. Again, not a conducive environment for the academic stuff. At least the book pages will be around to keep me from feeling too useless. I’m also planning on getting some better scans of the pages for the Artyfuss gallery.

I get so excited about the artwork and the website sometimes that I find myself having thoughts that involve not continuing my education and just doing what I’m doing with my time right now. Of course, I know the only reason for this is the whole winter break routine. I love being in school when I’m in it (except on those nights before a paper or project is due), but when I’m not, I don’t write as much poetry, I don’t read as much poetry or anything else, and I feel like even though I’m content with these side projects, I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I was hoping that the whole grad school thing would help me with that self-discipline problem I have, but really, it only works when there’s someone besides myself or my husband to show my progress to. Perhaps some of these friendships and connections will come to the point where we can share a similar academic relationship with each other outside the classroom.


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