How Did I Do?

Here are my resolutions from 2005:

1. To drink more water.
-I think I did okay on this one. I drink a lot of water at work and mostly water at home. Good for me.

2. To eat less chocolate.
-not so hot on this one, chocolate is so irresistible.

3. Sit up straight.
-about 50/50 here, my posture’s still not the best.

4. To weigh no more than 140lbs by July 8.
-failed to meet this goal, but only by six pounds, which wasn’t bad because I looked great.

5. Paint / draw more.
-I did get back into the creative swing, especially from having that one class and continuing my altered book projects even though it’s not drawing from scratch.

6. Get paid for the publication of a poem.
-Although the poem did not get published, it did win a monetary award. I’d call this one close enough.

7. Work out no less than 3 times a week.
-Umm, yeah. Can’t really remember about the whole year, but I’ve certainly slacked on that front recently.

8. Quit Borders (or, have a good reason to quit).
-Nope. Still there, but maybe this year.

9. Eat at least one serving of vegetables per day. Fries do not count.
-Too bad fries don’t count. I have been doing better with the healthy eating in general, though.

10. Take more pictures.
-Check out my flickr albums. I still want to work on this, but I did get better compared to the times that made me write this resolution.

My parents have an official resolution game, where you get points for how well you did over the last year. I don’t know how many points I’ve got here, but I feel like 2005 saw me accomplish some pretty cool stuff.

Looking forward, dare I make some new resolutions? Here is the first draft of my 2006 list:

1. Go to church more often.
2. Lose a few pounds and maintain that healthy ideal.
3. Pass my MFA exam.
4. Continue to fill my mind with poetry after I’m done studying for the exam.
5. Sell some of my artwork.
6. Get two poems published.
7. Turn off the TV when nothing is on.
8. Waste less time on the computer.
9. Spend less money.
10. Spend more time outside.

I think that these are modest goals. I’m less concerned with the number on the scale at this point than with the way that I feel. As for the rest, they’re pretty self explanatory.

As of today, my new professional-type webpage is up and running. It’s still in the early stages, especially the gallery, but I hope that it will be worth my investment in it. So, go take a look at

Happy 2006!

One thought on “How Did I Do?

  1. Lee says:

    Hey Sara — the new site looks great! wonderful work, indeed.

    Oh, and I have a suggestion that may help with resolution 7 and 8 (although not so much with 9 and 10). Get a TiVo. There’s never nothing on TV, and everything you want to watch is waiting for your schedule… I know he’s my new boyfriend, but i’m willing to share the love…–>

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