That Day I Was Born

So today is my birthday. I’ve already gotten an umbrella and a calendar. I will be getting dinner, cake, and possibly taken to a movie. Best of all, I get to spend the afternoon and evening with James.

I am twenty-seven years old today. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, my best friend. I like my job. I am in school for something that I love doing, being creative. We have very little room left on the counter with all the Christmas (and birthday) cards from people we love that love us back. Our tree is spinning happily with several pretty packages underneath. I am genuinely happy with my life so far. It’s a good feeling.

Sometimes birthdays can really get a person down. And I’ve often had those kind of birthdays, myself. Especially after turning twenty-one, where the milestones pretty much end. After that, all you have to look forward to as far as milestones are the big zeros when people make fun of you for being “over the hill.” Maybe that’s not true for 30, but definitely every ten years after that. I don’t care much this year, though, about getting older. I’m in a good place, it’s been a very good year. Got married, had a great honeymoon, a wonderful first five-plus months of marriage, now if I could only lose that weight I’ve been venting about for months, it would be perfect.

Yesterday, I was thinking about my husband. James called me from work to tell me he has a meeting tomorrow downtown. I’ll yada-yada over the details here and get to the point that this meeting has the potential to lead him to a good job. A job that’s far, far away from Blockbuster. He’s still planning on taking the Foreign Service Officer Exam, but getting this job would take a TON of the pressure off. Anyway, if something good comes from this meeting, it doesn’t matter a lick what’s in those shiny boxes under our tree. Seeing him happy and working in a job that excites him will be the best Christmas/birthday present ever. Keep your fingers crossed for him, and if you want to do something nice for me today, just post a “happy birthday” in my comments. It will make me feel all warm and fuzzy to know you’re still reading and sending good thoughts my way. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “That Day I Was Born

  1. Anonymous says:

    HaPpY bIrThDaY sArA!!!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy belated birthday!


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