Our Family

So, today James came home to a big shiny wrapped box with a bow on it. I was in the middle of cleaning up a bit, so there would be room for our tree, which is about 24 inches tall and spins around with changing fiber optic light-up branches because, well, that’s all the room we have for a tree. Anyway, he looks at the box, looks at me, and says, “Is it Christmas today?”

I said, “No, you still have to wait five more days.” Or is it six? Either way, I had to tell him that he had to wait. He bugged me about it a few more times over the course of the evening. And I’m sure I have a full week of it in store.

I like wrapping and setting out presents early for Christmas, birthdays, etc. Because it lights up his eyes like he’s a kid. But any more than a week in advance, and, well, someone would end up getting a spanking for his impatience.

I don’t know. I think there’s something to this whole Christmas thing. Maybe it’s because we’re so far from our extended families and that whole scene, so we are lucky enough to have nowhere to go and no one to try and impress. Not that our families are at all terrible. Truly, we’d make quite a boring sitcom or reality show, but there are always little things about the holidays that stress everyone out.

For example, deciding if we spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with my folks or his, having to actually buy gifts (or make them) for everyone before we make a trip to see them (which eats through a lot of our holiday budget right there), someone inevitably feeling left out or hurt because we forgot their gift at home or just forgot to buy one, or we didn’t send them the same Christmas card as everyone else or just because it’s Christmas, etc.

ASIDE: And seriously, all this PC bullshit taking the Christ out of Christmas and whatnot is just adding more fuel to the already blazing stress bonfire. Suck it up, already, and Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Anyway, I like just being the two of us for now. We get to relax, exchange meaningful gifts and share a nice meal, and watch Christmas movies all night. Or Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Or whatever the hell we want. It’s pretty nice. I like our Christmas, even if I do miss the extended families and all of their trimmings.


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