I love a power outage. At least for a little while. This evening as I was on the phone talking to one mother about the other, everything went dark. Usually when that happens, it’s only a matter of seconds before the lights come back on. Not tonight. So, I continued talking on the phone while James used a dying flashlight to hunt down some candles and matches. When I got off the phone, I found him in the kitchen, trying not to hold the newspaper too close to a flame, checking movie times. He was already bored.

So I kissed him. I kissed him the way that inspires rock bands to write power ballads. And he let the paper fall to the floor as we talked about going to a movie or going to Friday’s for a drink or dessert. “Or, we could just hang out here and make out,” he suggested. “That would be cheaper,” I agreed.

Before, talking to my mom when the power first went out, she mentioned how many babies are conceived during power outages. I could hear that hopeful grandmother thing in her voice. It was buried in the undertones, but there nonetheless. So I had to inform her that it was both not possible (as in “that time of the month”), and not practical, as we both have major things to do and money to save before we can throw our current caution to the wind. She said that babies don’t always care how prepared you are for them. And while I’m well aware of that, it’s still just not the time. I know she’s disappointed, and I’m trying not to let her know that I’m kind of disappointed, too. But time goes so fast, anyway, what’s another couple years? Well, actually, with the mother-in-law in the hospital again after getting out yesterday, I’m thinking that not all of us have the luxury of thinking in those terms.

But back to happy. James and I got into one of those silly moods where something can just make you laugh and laugh. Or every little thing can just be hilarious. At one point, I had my hand on his cheek and he said, “What’s with the hand?” I replied, “What’s with the face?” It was a proud moment for him, because there really was no delay between his words, my brain process and my mouth flapping. Insults like that are kind of his trademark.

Lying in the dark with the love of my life, my best friend, was the best thing we could do in tonight’s blackout. I had so much fun just being silly with him. Talking and laughing and holding each other for warmth (because even though the heat is gas, the fan is powered by electricity). It’s hard to describe that feeling, but it’s one I really want to remember. And I want to have moments like those all throughout our lives, even when we’re very old, I hope we keep playing.


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