Food Day

I love the Holidays. Because it’s an excuse to eat whatever I want. And lots of it.

I hate the Holidays for the very same reason. The reason that leads to several extra pounds on that bitch I like to call the scale. Especially when I haven’t even lost the extra weight I’ve put on since the wedding. And the five more pounds I never did lose before that. I’m trying to be motivated, it’s just not too easy these days. There’s just too much other stuff to do.

For example, we shopped for our Turkey Day feast this afternoon. This week, there is much cooking and consuming to be done. Not to mention entertaining. So excited to see Greg, by the way. There is also the writing and the studying and the accidental commitment I made to be at these extra workshop things as part of the interview process for prospective new professors at school. I’m sure I could back out of one or two of those, though, but not all three, since I sort of offered to submit some work. And the semester is over in less than a month! Where did it go? By this time next year, I will be finishing my last class and my first semester of THESIS! Amazing.

And now, there is television needing to be watched. It is currently paused for my convenience and the husband awaits cuddling.


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