All Pink Underneath

On mornings after I haven’t slept, I like to do something nice for myself. It’s not a big thing, but wearing underwear that matches puts a bounce in my step. Today, it’s pink. Pink under a pink shirt. There’s something about pink. Victoria’s Secret caught onto this awhile ago. Even if you’re not a girly-girl, as I clearly am not, pink can be a good thing. A comforting reassurance in the feminine.

I have nightmares. I don’t remember my nightmares, but I’m sure I was anxious when I fell asleep, and I’m sure that’s why I woke up with sweat soaked deep into my pillow and slicked all over my body. I don’t know if it was a nightmare. I don’t remember the dreams that cause me to wake up sweating like that. Last night’s not the first time it’s happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But it’s a horrible feeling, and I wish it wouldn’t happen at all.


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