Bones Flying Out the Windows

I can’t believe how fast this semester is going. I have a number of things on my plate in the next less-than-two months. I think I’ve been doing a little better with my time management. I read a lot of Neruda yesterday, and therefore I had some things to talk over at my “class” meeting with my professor today. I’m feeling a bit more comfortable with this independent study thing–it’s more like we’re working through the poems together and not so much that I have to come up with something completely unaided.

It’s just so strange to think about there only being a few short weeks left in the semester. It feels like I’m just getting started. Now, though, I have to really start working on those final projects, portfolios and everything else. I’m hoping to be able to do that okay, but it’s no picnic for a procrastinator to actually work ahead. And by “work ahead,” I mean not put everything off until the night before it’s due, but rather, find a way to complete things at a steady pace so as not to be overwhelmed. Which is what a good student would have been doing all along.

I actually have little else to report right now. I’ll be working on a couple of internet projects in the near future, so I hope that I can come up with something pleasing to the eye that won’t make me want to tear all of my hair out in the process. It should prove to be an interesting experience for a girl who has no idea what the difference is between HTML and XHTML, how to configure an FTP program, or what CSS stands for. I’m putting my faith into luck on this one, and hoping the trials and errors don’t take too much of a toll on the eyes, the brain, or the whole school/writing/reading/homework thing.


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