Last night, James and I saw the Wallace and Gromit movie with Jeff and Kelly. Before this, we hit Ikea to buy a lamp. The obvious reason for the lamp is more light. The underlying reason behind this need for more light is that when I was working at Borders yesterday morning, James stopped in to buy some books that will help him with his Foreign Service exam. We found some comprehensive review guides, and he sat down with them for a moment and looked at the crowded shelves around him.

“Look at all this knowledge, here for the taking,” he said, “and we sit at home and veg in front of the television.”

I agreed. So we both agreed to read more. To get ahead in our studies and read more to absorb more knowledge than we currently do. Because we both like to read, but the tv’s just easier. And we both happen to be lazy, which is another thing we’ll need to work on.

In other words, the fact that we now have a shiny new floorlamp that significantly brightens our living room space should help us to read more than watch television. Because it’s hard to only read at the dining room table. And because only one of us can huddle under the lamp in the recliner at a time. This should reduce the temptation to make excuses for not reading or studying. Excuses like, “it’s too dark in here,” or “my back hurts from this wooden chair,” or “I’m too tired to read.” The light should help us be more awake in the day and evening and the illumination of the couch area should allow us both to read at the same time instead of one of us watching a show while the other *tries* to read but really just ends up watching the show, too.

Hurray for lamps.


One thought on “Illuminated

  1. Jill says:

    I hear you on the getting distracted by TV bit. I’m really trying to work on that too. It’s so hard tho! Especially when you live alone and no one keeps you accountable for it.

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