Dreaming: Birth and Afterbirth

Two nights ago, I dreamed that James passed both his written and oral Foreign Service Officer Exams. The strange part was that at one point, and not for very long, he was Stan Marsh from South Park.

Last night, I dreamed a vivid birth. I was in labor for most of the dream. I could reach down and feel the head of the child emerging from me. There was blood and messiness, and for some reason, I was made to lie on the floor when there was a bed/cot right there. There was also a trip to Boston involved. The strangest part of the dream was the afterbirth. You know, the gross part of childbirth that no one ever talks about.

Well, everything progressed to that point, I was pretty much on my own for some reason. There were a lot of people in the vicinity, though. It was a girl. I held her all gory and gooey to my chest and was happy. Then the afterbirth followed… a placental mass neatly wrapped in plastic. And not just any plastic, but clear plastic printed with a white coporate logo, I can’t remember which one. I brought James over to look at it. Everyone was baffled. I just shrugged in a “that’s just the way it is now,” sort of way.

See, I don’t have to go out of my way to make social commentary, my subconscious has that covered.


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