A Conversation with Steve and Steve

Today was James’ day off. But he got up with me, and we tried to tame his prickly stubble into something resembling a pattern of beard. He left when I left, walking to the Metro in the rain (yes, it is totally still raining) to go and have a conversation with Steve and Steve at the State Department.

Steve is a Foreign Service Officer serving stateside. So is Steve. Steve took the written exam three times before he finally passed. Steve took it four times. Steve and Steve were James’ supervisors for his internship at the State Department, you know, the whole reason we initially moved to the Metro DC area.

The conversation went well, and James is enthusiastic about pursuing employment in the Foreign Service. We’re revising our plans, but not too much because many of our goals and desires line up pretty well with this kind of life. Oddly enough. He’s excited, and the Steves were excited that he was showing interest in this kind of career. The only hurdle, now, is the written exam. James is brilliant, but is he savvy enough to pass the thing on the first try? And if he doesn’t, will he go back to moping around? Personally, I believe that if anyone can pass this thing on the first take, my Mister can. And I know that everyone we know, including Steve and Steve,* will be rooting for him come Spring.

So, now we both have huge exams to take in the Spring. Exams That Will Influence Our Entire Lives (okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit in my case because all that my test really impacts is my academic life, but you can bet I will be utterly devastated if I don’t pass and have to spend extra, unplanned-for time in school for it). Both tests will probably occur around the same time frame, so I’m hoping that his motivation will rub off on me, and vice-versa (when I actually *have* motivation, that is), so that we’ll both kick total ass.

*I’ve typed “Steve” so many times it now looks entirely wrong and strange to me.


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