Blogs and Big Books ™

The more I become obsessed with blogging and reading blogs and wanting my friends to make blogs, the more I think about what it is that has drawn me to the genre. I think I’ve come up with the answer.

In high school, Ben acquired a number of giant ledger books. He began to use one to help him stage manage our 1997 Pius XI production of Godspell ’97 (which was way different from Godspell as you may know it). Well, the book had capacity to hold vast quantities of information and stupid stuff beyond the show, so Ben wrote things in the book, passed it around and asked all his friends to write things in the book, too. The trend caught on, and Ben gave a clean and shiny “Big Book” to me.

I wrote a ton of my own thoughts in there, journal-style, but allowed them to be passed around among people and read and commented on, also asking my friends, acquaintances and coworkers to contribute to the madness. Drawings were drawn, exclamations were made. Expletives were used.

Shari also got a Big Book ™ of her own from Ben, and these Big Books gave us all much amusement. I glance at mine every so often, just for kicks, and it’s crazy to see how much has changed. And sometimes, how much hasn’t.

I believe that the blog, or at least this blog and the reading of others, provides me with much of the same comfort and amusement as the Big Book. I like having my friends stop by and share their thoughts and participate in my life and listen to my secrets and confessions. I like reading about what’s going on in other people’s lives and in their heads. And although it can’t ever truly take the place of sitting in the same room and watching Ben trace his shadow across the pages, it’s still nice to know that I’m connecting in a similar and meaningful way.

And on the plus side, this thing won’t ever need to be held together with duct tape after months or years of hard use.


One thought on “Blogs and Big Books ™

  1. boy, did I enjoy this entry, I agree. I have been keeping mine up much more since I started reading yours. It’s been wonderful. I feel like we’re everyday friends again.

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