Art and Book

This is a Picasa collage of some pages from my altered book, which began in the spring as a project for a class on collage and visual poetry. I have been working on it in my spare time since, and I’m considering producing and selling posters of the pages. So, for my research, please tell me, would you buy one? And what would you be willing to pay?

You can see somewhat better images at my flickr site.


5 thoughts on “Art and Book

  1. I like “to smile” the best.
    I am a horrible person to ask how much I would pay because I am TERRIBLY frugal

  2. Jill says:

    I love them all, I’d actually be interested in buying all of them as a set (after I graduate and make some money, but I won’t forget about it, I reaaaally love them!) Depending on how large of a print you have made will determine your price. I’ve seen posters of unique and beautiful stuff like this anywhere from $20 a piece to $100. Another factor will be who you are marketing to. If there is an interest in this unique style, you could probably get away with asking a higher price, but you also need to keep in mind that if you are just starting out, no one will have heard of your work and may not be willing to pay the big bucks. It also depends on if you market them as individuals or all printed on one composite paper. If you do sell them individually, you could do a thing where if you get them all, the buyer would get a tiny savings, encouraging them to buy more than one or two. Perhaps a special for a grouping of three, or 6 or 10 or something. I’m fascinated by this, I never knew one could do poetry art. šŸ™‚


  3. Lee says:

    These are absolutely spectacular. I like Don’t Panic, Survival and Facing Grace most. Depending on the production value (size, framing, paper, glossiness, etc), I would pay anywhere from $15-50, and I’m CHEAP.

    I also like Jill’s idea of sets, maybe a grouping of six in identical frames, or even a wall calendar? (check out shutterfly and similar sites — they’ve got some great products).

    Bottom line — I wannie! let me know when they’re buyable!

  4. This actually reminds me alot of an artist Kristen Gereau is fond of, she used found objects and stuff to create art ON books, purses, whatever. Her stuff runs from 150 to 400 per item. She does well at Lakefront festival for the Arts.

    I’ll have to ask Kristen who that was again.

  5. owenlars says:

    They’re fantastic, really!

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