Six Pounds

I have gained somewhere in the vicinity of six pounds since my wedding. It’s because I don’t try anymore. I eat junk for dinner or lunch or somewhere in between. I indulge in desserts because it is my nature. I sit down and don’t move.

1″Don’t dream it, be it.”

2″It’s gotta be big.”

3″…see what condition my condition is in.”

4″and dance around in your bones.”

5″A little less conversation, a little more action.”

Okay, so I just got back from the gym. I love being alone in the gym. Not only because I can drop the self-consciousness that comes from wearing bike shorts in public, but also because I can tune the television to anything I want. Usually the Food Network because I’m listening to music anyway and don’t need to listen to the words to know what’s going on. In addition to that, I don’t have to concern myself with keeping the gas in. Yes, sometimes when I exercise, everything jumping around in there makes for a few escaping fumes. When I’m alone in the gym, I don’t have to look around and pretend like it was someone else. When I’m alone in the gym, I can sing along to the music in my ears and fart out loud.

I am determined to get back into a regular exercise routine. I would like to work out every day, but I can also be realistic about it. Every other day would probably be the more attainable goal. I’d like to lose those six pounds and maybe five or ten more. I want to stay slim and feel sexy and good. I want to be in shape in body and mind. This just adds one more item to my daily to-do list, though, which means giving up some of that sitting on my ass television vegetable time. But, hey, I always feel guilty for slouching in front of the tube for any length of time anyway. That’s why I crochet and color books in. It keeps me doing something even when I’m not really doing anything.

In other news, I’m considering getting another tattoo.

6″Almost done. Yes I’m all.”

1Rocky Horror – 2Tori Amos – 3Kenny Rogers – 4Tom Waits – 5Elvis Presley – 6Nick Cave


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