Seeing Stars

I don’t know much about Pamela Anderson, but my impression is that she’s not quite as dumb as everyone seems to think, that she has a good heart, and a good sense of humor. I’ve even accepted the fact that she has taken on the task of writing autobiography under the guise of fiction, placing herself on the literary scene. But does she have to be so naked about it?

If anyone is giving chick-lit a bad name, it’s this chick. Maybe it worked to make the first book a bestseller, but how long can this really hold up? Have we seriously not seen enough of Pam’s naked butt? If she wants to be taken seriously at all (and maybe she doesn’t), then she should maybe stop getting progressively more naked (if that’s even possible) on successive literary endeavors.

Of course, this just makes me consider titling my first book of poetry, “Naked Poems.” And by the time that actually gets published, full frontal just might be standard marketing.


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