Iraq my Brain

Pete is going to Iraq. He is a nurse in the Army, and his ship-out date has come sooner than we all had expected or hoped. Pete is a great friend and a genuinely wonderful human being. He has a good heart and a strong mind and is doing a duty that many of us only wish we had the fortitude to undertake ourselves.

I have an ex- in the Navy. I haven’t heard from him in awhile, but I think he’s actually on shore duty around now, or should be. So Pete is really the first close friend I’ve actually known who is heading into the danger zone. It puts things in perspective.

I don’t want to go on too long or say too much, but I want Pete to know that he is like a brother to me. He’s always there when you need him, and now, his country is the one who needs him. I will worry about his safety and pray for him, and with luck, he’ll be home soon and safe, having helped to save the lives of many people.

I know that if it were my husband going over there, I would take comfort in the love of my family and friends. I hope that Pete and his family take comfort from this. I respect all the men and women who are in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, and no matter how I feel about the war as a concept, I’m glad that we have people like Pete on our side. I’ll never put one of those stupid magnetic “ribbons” on my car, but I do support our troops–and all the diplomats, bureaucrats and the rest–who take on hardship posts and risk their lives for their country, for us all, every day.

Godspeed, Peter.


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