I’m on First

Yesterday we went and played some baseball with some friends from James’ work. There were only eight of us, so we played four on four. There were no strikes or balls, because frankly none of us could really pitch (and we all tried), and therefore, no pressure. We played innings based on three outs or four runs, whichever came first, so in the end, my team only lost 11-6.

It was hot, but so much fun. I found out that I can actually catch a ball better than my husband, and even made two outs when I was positioned at 3rd base/shortstop. We only ended up playing three and a half innings because most of us were either out of practice or just plain out of shape. I scored one run and batted one in, even though I got out. It was actually an error, I was informed by James, because the pitcher dropped the fly ball, and since I thought it was going to be caught I kind of didn’t run fast enough. Although even if I had, they probably still would’ve got me. The thing about our team was that we could all hit okay, but the other guys could actually field the ball, which we often failed to do because we all throw like girls.

We had so much fun. We were exhausted and sore by the time we got home. But we showered and ate sushi and were so glad that we had gone out to play.


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