Detergent Everywhere

I don’t know why this detergent fiasco is making me think of Avalanche! starring David Hasselhoff, but it is. So, we have a washer/dryer unit in our apartment, one of those where the washer is on the bottom and the dryer is on the top. It sits in a tiny closet off of the kitchen and we store the detergent bottles and dryer sheets on top of the dryer. It’s worked relatively well for two years now. Well, I was just washing a load of clothes when the thing enters the spin cycle. The brand new full bottle of detergent must have been trying to get a better look over the edge because once that appliance got going, it shimmied right off and made a loud clunk to the floor.

This has happened once before, with a larger bottle of detergent, too. But that time, it landed on its bottom, no harm done. This time, it landed on its head and popped the cap right off, causing the detergent to ooze all over the floor before we even thought to investigate the thud. Fortunately, it’s soap, so it’s not like it made everything all dirty. And also, the stuff we use is clear, no added scents or chemicals, so it didn’t turn everything a neon blue or lively green or whatever. It also gave us the opportunity to give the kitchen a nice little mopping. And the pile of coat and tablecloth is now presoaked in detergent for easy washing.


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