Disclaimer: It is now one in the morning after a Saturday night out drinking with a couple of girlfriends. I’m still considering this to be Saturday, so when I say, “last night,” I’m still talking about Friday.

Anyway, last night, James and I went out to dinner. I had a gift certificate to an upscale seafood restaurant, so we were able to splurge a bit. We called it a “date.” Apparently being married doesn’t have to stop the dating. Shut up, I think it’s cute. So we got a little dressed up, nothing too fancy, although I did wear my favorite vanilla scent, and even made reservations (which we turned out not to need, but this is not the point).

As we sat at our table for two, occasionally glancing outside to catch a glimpse of lightning, I noticed that neither of us had much to say to start. This occasionally happens, and we’ve both noticed it before and commented to each other about it, both of us knowing that the reason for the silence is that we’re both comfortable enough with each other not to feel like we HAVE to speak all the time. As we sat, we began to discuss things. We talked about his career ambitions, and my schooling, and the possibility of moving back to the Midwest if things don’t pan out around here. The possibility of him signing on with the State Department to go to Iraq for a year or so to get his foot in the door. The probability of his mother’s heart attack if he did go. We talked about a lot of things. It was nice. There’s no other word. He brought up the idea of the two of us going into business together, starting up a used bookstore and working as partners. This was amazing to me, as I had only thought about starting up my own cafe/bookstore/magazine business as a thing I would do on my own, his role being one of moral support more than anything else. The idea appealed to me. Us being business partners, working together, etc. I know that sometimes couples have issues with money and communication about such a thing might be hard, but it could also bring a relationship that much closer. I know that in our real life, this business partnership/bookstore thing is not very likely to pan out, but I really appreciated discussing it with him. It reinforced my knowledge that whatever happens to us, we are totally in this thing together. He has this uncanny ability to amaze me every day, so days like that, and moments of reflection like this (though I may be a little drunk), make me so grateful for the life and future I am lucky enough to be a part of. No matter what the circumstances of it might be.

It’s time for resting, now. I’m going to actually try to make it to church tomorrow. Wish me luck on that. My husband can be so comfortable in the mornings we get to sleep in that I often give in to the temptation to snuggle up to him and skip mass for several weeks in a row because of it. Bad Catholic. Bad.


2 thoughts on “Partners

  1. Willow says:

    So wait, are you now using James’ last name exclusively, or are you hyphenating?

  2. Sara says:

    Pretty much exclusively, though I’m “phasing out” the other through use of it as a middle name, until people know. I kept it as part of my middle name on my legal documents, but might only use it, if ever, when publishing.

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