Will Work for… You!

Top ten reasons why you should hire my husband:

10. Look at him, he’s hot!
9. He’s been a corporate slave so long he knows how to follow orders–and kiss butt.
8. He works hard even if he doesn’t care.
7. Soon enough, he will care in spite of himself.
6. He has two bachelors degrees and one masters.
5. He is the most trustworthy man I know.
4. He could leap tall buildings in a single bound or stop a speeding bullet, he just chooses not to.
3. His lack of government intelligence work experience should be overshadowed by his excessive experience in strategy board and video games over the years. Come on, that should so count for something!
2. He is aware of the world around him and is aching to make a difference.

And the number one reason you should hire my husband is:
1. Because he’s driving me nuts!

Seriously, it’s gotten to the point where the work life is affecting the home life. He seems depressed and that affects my mood. He seems hopeless, and it’s hard keeping enough hope in this house to get us motivated. It’s a shame because I have a bit of excess time on my hands, now, so if there was something I could do to help him along, I totally would. Except there’s not. So, if you know anyone who’s hiring in anything intelligence or policy related in the government at the entry level, please email me: saranicole at graffiti dot net. I will pass that resume of his around until it’s so tired it can’t even stand up if that will help him get out of the damn video store once and for all. What more can I do?


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