“When she became a woman” –part 2 of 3

I love my mom. You all know that. I wouldn’t have had her stand up as my honored attendant if I didn’t. But there are things that all moms are known for, and among those things is their ability to embarrass their children. I hope that when I am a mother, I can do as great a job at those things as my own mother does.

Anyway, we had a reception following our wedding ceremony. Cocktail hour began with an open bar and an early appearance by the bridal party, yours truly included. I was glad of this because it gave me a great opportunity to mingle and talk with a lot of my guests without much effort. The space was close, so I didn’t have to move far to talk with a variety of people. They were signing the guestbook (a book of wedding photos from both our families created by me and assembled by Shutterfly) and raving about it. The cake had had some minor damage when the toper we had gotten for it fell off. Twice. The first time the bakery repaired it, but the second time wasn’t their fault, so some patch work had to be improvised by the hotel staff. Honestly, with the cake situation, it tasted fantastic, but the look of it was more amateurish than I had hoped for, even after I heard that there was a new cake lady at the bakery. Oh well, it still tasted incredible, and that’s what mattered more to me anyway.

If you think this attitude is only me looking back, I must correct you there. The wedding day for me was a time to give up all worries about planning and details, relax, and just hang out with my family, my friends, and my new husband. This is what I wanted it to be, anyway, but I didn’t know if I could relinquish control like I planned. I’m happy to say that I did. And any time anyone came up to me with a question or concern, I did my best to answer, but if it was anything beyond, “Where are the vegetarians sitting?” I passed the ball to someone else. I had so much fun.

You can’t tell a lot from the pictures I have from my digital camera, which Kelly was kind enough to take, but there are more photographs to come, and I know that they will show the pure unadulterated bliss I was feeling the whole time. Surrounded by my family and fun, with the formal part over and done, I felt so free to just kick back, and for the first time ever, people were begging me to kiss in public instead of teasing, “Get a room!”

Everyone had a blast. They were all so happy for us, and we could just feel that energy moving through us. So, despite the fact that in her matron of honor speech, my mother actually said the words “When she became a woman,” what followed was the most heartfelt expression of love I’ve ever been on the receiving end of. She spoke about how all of my life, I’ve never been good at dealing with change. I’ve never been ready to take that next natural step on the road of growing up, but she said how with James, there was no hesitation. She said how she knew I had wanted this and was ready for it for a long time, and how happy she was to see us get married. And it’s true. I never hesitated with James. And he always brings a smile to my lips and a light to my eyes. Even when he’s not around and someone only mentions his name. There is no denying that I’m in love. I couldn’t hide it if I tried.

There are a few more details surrounding the reception I’m sure I’ve failed to include, but if you read this and were there, please comment with your own memories or any other silliness. I want to remember as much about the whole thing as possible, and a good way to do that is to write it and read it.

And yes, we did the Chicken Dance. And WE LOVED IT!


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