Wedding Night Sex

So, I have to brag a little bit now. All the magazines I read and all the stories I’ve heard told, seemed to share a certain opinion on wedding night sex. That opinion was one of disappointment. So, needless to say, I ascended the elevator to our wedding night suite with minimum expectations.

What I was met with instead was a night that would have surpassed any height of anticipation I could have come up with. Aside from the whole shrink-wrapped bed thing (what did he expect giving our room key to the best man’s wife), while my parents and other late-nighters were still drinking at the bar downstairs, we discovered heights of ecstasy we had either forgotten about or never knew before. And it even lasted for more than the five minutes I had been expecting.

There was a plate of fruit and cheese on the table along with a bottle of champagne and two slices of wedding cake when we arrived at our room. There were rose petals on the floor and the (sleep number) bed, and balloons saying “happily ever after” on them in the corner. We had waited too long to put it off any more for the sake of eating or drinking, though.

There are just a few notes I want to share here, more for the sake of my own memory than for whoever is even reading this. Basically, the first round culminated in simultaneous orgasm, which is a feat even for the every day lover. The second round he won on points, that is, for his one orgasm, he gave me, I don’t know, maybe seven or eight? Yeah, my husband rocks. We slept close and woke up early enough for another go before breakfast.

He told me how beautiful I looked. I called him “Husband.” He called me “Wife.” We touched each other just right. Before this, we danced, drank, mingled, sang along, and laughed a lot. We were tired from the whole day, but we couldn’t have been more awake for those last couple hours.

You might ask if it was worth it, this period of abstinence. I might say yes. I might shrug and say I don’t know. It was difficult, that’s for certain, but it’s the difficult things we do that make us stronger people. I’ll say this: I’m stronger for the experience, and my faith feels renewed. I’m more confident than ever that my marriage will be a lasting one and hopeful that we will be good examples of love for all the rest of our lives.

…happily ever after.
The End.


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