Not really thinking

About sex. I mean, yes, it crosses my mind on occasion. But today I got this wicked headache. The kind that I’m sure that women do really get even when they’re not trying to avoid amorous relations with their significant others. The Exedrin commercial kind of headache. So I slept for an hour and a half, destroying all my ambition for the evening.

To be honest, one week out from this wedding, the sex is really not the main thing on my mind. Go figure, right? It’s kind of interesting to note, however, that when my friend Lindsay told me that in the last month or two leading up to the day, I really wouldn’t be thinking much about it, I didn’t believe her. I fully believed that there would never be a time when sex would not be on my mind. And maybe I’ve just done a good job of denying that it’s been in there. Actually, how can I not be thinking about it when I’m writing about how much I’m not really thinking about it. Okay, forget it. I want some sex. I need it. I can’t wait to have it. Will this godforsaken week ever end!

Truly, I am glad that we’ve come on this journey together. And I am not nervous at all about the kind of sex life we will have after this hiatus is completed. I know it will be amazing, no matter how long it lasts, or how quick it’s over. There will be plenty more to come.

It’s also strange how, as I sit here typing this and contemplating the fact that the next time I have sex, it will be married sex, I feel kind of sad. Like maybe I’m missing out on that last time as a “single” gal. Not that I would do it with anyone else, just that I wonder if it will feel different to do it with my husband instead of a boyfriend or fiance. Pretty stupid, I know. But these are the days of my lives. The thoughts in my head, whatever. Thank God there’s only a week to go. It wasn’t so bad. Really.


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