Picture this…

This is just a glimpse of the photos we had taken last month by our great and talented wedding photographer, Troy Freund Keep in mind that this is a picture of a picture, since I don’t have a scanner, and it hardly even does his work justice. I just think we’re both really cute here:

Anyway, tomorrow we hit the three week mark, and I’m pumped. I’m finally starting to feel better from my week of illness, so things are looking up. We’ve spoken with musicians, cake people, reception people, mom people, and sibling people, hoping that everyone gets the right clothes fitting right for that one special day. I might still purchase one more item of sexiness for the honeymoon, but overall, things are looking good.

I’m less sad than I was a couple weeks ago. I still think about my parents all the time, and I hope they’re not freaking out too much. Last week, I was working on some of the letters I’ll be giving to my family members, and that’s been pretty hard. What do you say? Overall, though, I’m very excited for the first week of July, because it will be hustle and bustle all the way, but I feel like I’ll be having fun with it all, at least for most of the time.

On the tooth front, I may or may not post before and after pictures of my teeth here. I’m in day 9 of the Whitestrips, and I started noticing a difference already by day six. I wonder how well it’ll show up on camera. We shall see.

One other strange thing that happened this week: I looked at my wedding guestbook online over at the knot, and I saw that someone by the name of R. Lawson had signed just to inform me, rather rudely, that I had some typos. This person called me “hilarious” because I had misspelled “English” in addition to some other common words that, if you are typing fast, which I do, could have been misspelled by anyone, even an English major. Especially since The Knot site does not have a spell checker. I just have to say to you, R. Lawson of New York, New York, Yes, I deleted your entry, and I corrected my errors, but as for how I deal with the misspellings of others, I can’t ever seem to recall that I “RELISH” pointing them out. Next time, if you are not going to reveal your identity or relationship to me, at least have the courtesy to reference more specifically the nature of the complaint you have against me. Thanks.


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