The first thing I want to say has to do with my bachelorette party. I got two lapdances. One from a really hot woman. The second from a really hot cowboy guy. No good when there’s no one to go home to and get some from.

The second thing I wanted to mention was a conversation over lunch. Last Wednesday, I went to Friday’s with Rob, and the topic turned to the morning after the wedding, where, if we must, James and I will be opening gifts at the hotel. Rob said something like, “I know better than to go near any hotel room that you two are in.” I replied with, “Yeah, especially after FIVE MONTHS.” To which he gave me the confused puppy look and said, “eh?”

When I explained what James and I were doing (or not) and the reasons for it, Rob expressed genuine awe and respect. Which made me step back myself to look at the whole situation. As frustrating as it is, I saw that we have already begun doing what the Church has asked. We are teaching by example, showing others through our actions that love transcends the body and its urges. And all that other stuff. Anyway, it was a nice conversation to have. Especially since I assumed that everyone knew about this already through the gossip circle.


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