Week In Brief

Saturday: Made it to the airport and to Minneapolis without incident. Went to a rather swanky restaurant with Mom, Dad, Angela and her boyfriend, Nick. For once I was the fifth wheel. Mom kept calling the waiter “Carlos.” His name was Marco. We then went for drinks at the bar next door to the restaurant. Got back to the hotel at around 10. Promptly fell asleep.

Sunday: Woke at the crack of dawn, or 6:30 as the case may be. Showered, ate breakfast buffet at the hotel, joined my sister, her friends and their families at her house where pictures were taken and general pre-graduation ironing and champagne drinking was enjoyed. Mom and Nick and I fell asleep during one of the longest graduation speeches ever, and once Angela finally walked across that stage we should’ve brought our binoculars to see, ran promptly to the bathroom where I waited in a line of at least twenty women, including some of the other parents of my sister’s friends, who had all walked across the stage around the same time. Went to lunch at Grandma’s pub. Back to the hotel for a nap, and a little bit of reading in the lobby with my dad while the maid cleaned up the room. Then out to dinner at a fantastic Mexican restaurant where they make guacamole right at your table and serve wonderfully strong yet subtle margaritas. Mom wanted to go dancing. Instead, we went to the hotel bar for one more round. Back to our room again to crash.

Monday: Breakfast at the hotel, too late for the buffet. Got on the road back to Milwaukee. Ended up taking a pit stop in Wisconsin Dells. Didn’t mean to snap at my dad when the place we stopped at for food turned out to have an out of order rest room. Found a rest room and was happy. Once back in Milwaukee, we picked up the dog and headed out to see the parents’ new digs. Mom’s done an incredible job. Had cocktails, ate steak and sweet potatoes, watched 24, called James and stayed up too late reading in bed.

Tuesday: Actually exercised. Did pilates with Mom. She couldn’t quite keep up. Had breakfast and went shopping for veil tulle. Went out to lunch with future mother-in-law (FMIL) at George Watts’ Tea Room downtown. Ate a fabulous sandwich and was glad the place was (shock) non-smoking. Dad picked me up later in the afternoon and we had cocktails (I just had half a Diet Coke this time) and then I left to hang with my musician friends. We had pizza for dinner. We picked out some lovely wedding ceremony music. I had fun listening to them sing and play. I sang along to the Wayne’s World soundtrack on my way home and actually found my parents’ house without getting lost at all.

Wednesday: Exercised again, but not with Mom. Went to lunch with Rob. Dropped by Half Price Books to get something to read, having finished The Robber Bride the night before. Went back to the house, hung out, had cocktails with Mom and Dad when he got home and then went out to dinner at Tallinger’s. Best Burgers Ever. Returned home in time to catch the elimination episode of American Idol. Mom began to fall asleep. I did, too.

Thursday: Busy day. Got makeover from Mom’s new Mary Kay lady. Went to dress shop to look at bridesmaids’ dress. Lunch at Tallinger’s. Washed off makeup. Got hairdo done. Got makeup done. Met with florist, which took longer than expected. Got dropped off at the future in-laws’ house to wait for James’ arrival and FMIL’s birthday dinner at Southwoods. Missed seeing Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on opening day with my nerd friends* because I didn’t want to disappoint her more than I already do. (This is of course, my own perception, but I don’t like to rock the boat.) Took our car home and went to bed, totally beat.

Friday: Up at six to make myself pretty for pictures. Picked up James at eight to help him shave his beard. Went and took pictures at a very strange place but had so much fun with each other and the photographer. Went to Saint Margaret Mary’s to meet the priest who will actually be marrying us. Finalized wedding day schedule and secured a rehearsal time. Went back out to Waukesha so James could see my parents’ house. Went to lunch at Tallinger’s. James left, and we tried to nap. Then, the Bachelorette Party.*

Saturday: Up at eight-thirty for breakfast. There was napping and loafing. Mom was sick. Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up. Dad picked up the dogs he was babysitting for the weekend. My sister-in-law (Maggie) arrived with the kids and we left the boys to go to my bridal shower. I have a big mouth.* We ate and drank the traditional shower fare. I got lots of stuff.* We went out to dinner with James and his parents to Chicken Willie’s, also known as Champion Chicken. I stayed over at James’ parents’ house, so I had to say goodbye and goodnight to my parents after dinner.* But it was nice to be with him in the dark after a week of not.

Sunday: Ham and rolls for breakfast and driving, driving, driving. In a Pontiac Sunfire two-door with four people. We ate too many gummi bears that smelled like feet and the Best Man’s mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. I read in the dark and hurt my eyes. Went to bed knowing I would have to face the disaster that was our living room this afternoon.

I will have to face the disaster that continues to be our living and dining room tomorrow. But on the plus side, the reply cards are starting to come back, and I’m thrilled that so many people are so excited about our wedding. It’s really not far now. And there still seems to be so much left to do. I need to make a list. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. Right now, time to relax and maybe sleep.

*I will expand on these tidbits in a future post. Please comment if you’d like to hear more about anything else.


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