I Love Kenny Rogers

Last night, my workshop class held its last session at the professor’s house. I gave my friend Sarah a ride over and back and we got stuck in traffic because of a concert of some huge capacity taking place at the Patriot Center.

As we began the roundabout journey back to campus from the professor’s house, I asked, “Do you mind if we listen to Kenny Rogers?” (because I had the good car with the cd player in it and had actually remembered to bring some cds). She said she didn’t mind at all, in fact, didn’t really know much Kenny Rogers. I told her how I have loved Kenny Rogers ever since I can remember. That he kind of reminds me of my dad. I’m not sure why. But this is the reason that I want to dance with my dad at my wedding to one of Kenny Rogers’ tunes, specifically, “You Decorated My Life.” See, it all comes back to the wedding. Anyway, I listened to my favorite songs a few times, then switched back to Tom Waits when I finally managed to extricate myself from the traffic on campus.

Other things:

We received our first gift in the mail yesterday. It was a complete joyful surprise because three of my friends from school, including Sarah, had pitched in for the margarita set we registered for. How awesome are they! You know, sometimes I feel like I should contain my excitement, like no one really cares that I’m getting married. But Sarah said that I have every right to be excited, and the kicker–she’s excited for me. And other people are excited for me and James, too. It’s truly amazing. Thanks for sharing my excitement.

The invitations have been sent. All but two. I just have to figure out who the second of those two is supposed to be for.

I am done with school and I got an A- in the wicked hard class I’ve been bitching about all semester. I’m so happy. I hope the other grades turn out to be as satisfying.

My boss bought me lunch. This is awesome because now I don’t have to work eating into my after-work schedule today. I have a lot to do this afternoon and I wasn’t sure that lunch was going to make it onto the list. I love my job.

Posting might be sporadic or non-existent over the next week, as I will be in Minnesota and then Milwaukee, where I’m not sure how reliable my internet access will be. Not to mention all the things that need to be done while I’m there.


One thought on “I Love Kenny Rogers

  1. arnold says:

    yea! i love kenny rogers too.. great country music.. though not too many know of him around these parts.. my favs are “coward of the county” “long arm of the law” “we have got tonight” (and many others actually.. lol)

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