Home Stretch

1. I got my dress today. It is hemmed and ready. There is a small stain on the ribbon that ties up the back, but it shouldn’t be too tough to get out or hide. Hadn’t noticed it before. Couldn’t say when it happened. But it’s just a dress. For my WEDDING IN 63 DAYS!

2. The paper, though not the ultimate in super-intelligent commentary or extensive genius-ness, is finished and turned in. I even discussed my topic and its adjoining poems in class. There is that possibility that the brownie points earned with that will balance out the half-ass job I did on that thing.

3. I get to take the good car tonight to go to a meeting about school at my professors’ house. This means I need to choose a cd or two because that car has a working radio/cd/sound system.

4. I still have a few things to do for my Tuesday class, but it is not a paper. Thank God.

5. After Tuesday, it’s wedding all the way. And cleaning the apartment. Can’t forget cleaning the damn dirty apartment. I’m not sure if we still have a dining room table or if it really has become just one massive mound of papers and books and half-finished art projects or poem objects.

6. My sister is graduating from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities a week from Sunday. And I get to go!

Awesome. Now, if only those invitations would get here.


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