On Track

I’m in the early phases of my papers on Niedecker. I found out that I got an A on the Loy paper, a B on the anthology. I expected about an A- on both, so I guess my nightmares of F’s can be laid to rest. Until I turn in this next one, that is. The Niedecker anthology is coming along. I just have left to discuss each of the poems in depth in a couple of sentences. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow or Tuesday because we have a Business to Business Tradeshow on Tuesday, and I have a lot to do for that. I am just hoping I won’t have to stay late because I need the time to start/finish the actual paper on Niedecker this week (hoping to have the anthology nearly done by bedtime tonight).

I have my 8-page portfolio complete except for the one poem of mine that we will be workshopping in class on Thursday. The due date for this one has actually been extended a couple days, so I should be able to hand it in on Friday.

I pick up my dress on Friday!

As for the 6-piece portfolio, I’ve made a chart of my progress, and it doesn’t look great. But it also doesn’t look horrible. One week from Tuesday will see the end to this torture. And there will be much rejoicing.

Who am I kidding, though, really? This is what I wanted. I paid for it. With money. It’s times like these I don’t feel very smart at all. Back to the paper, I guess. Before Family Guy comes on.


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