A Break

I’m going to try to take a break from the wedding stuff for the next week and a half. I need to focus on the semester wrap-up. So, the next time his mother calls, I’m going to have to explain this to her. That I will not be doing any more wedding talk until the last portfolio is turned in on May 10th. After May 10th, I’ll be needing something to do with my suddenly paper-free time. Until then, I must focus. It’s not that I don’t like keeping her company over the phone in the afternoons, it’s just that once she’s on the phone, it’s not so easy to hang up. And I need to hang up. Because there are poems to be written and read. Papers to write. Statements to make about how lame this all is, that is, making excuses for why this poem or that one is a poem and why it works that way. In other words, there is bullshit to be spread. So much bullshit.

Well, back to it.


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