News from the Wedding Front

I mentioned in a couple recent posts how I was freaking out about our invitations. Well, in theory, that weight has been lifted. Nick has the thing pretty much done, we should get a proof tomorrow, they should be printed within the next couple days, and we should have the finished things in our hands by the end of this week or early next. Keep you fingers crossed, though, because you might notice that all of these happenings are still in the should phase. However, I at least have this information now, which means I am better off than before as far as worry goes.

We’re going to Jamaica. Have I mentioned this? I’ve heard some mixed reviews about Sandals resorts, but there have also been so many people who rave about them. My thoughts are that if you go into a vacation with the right attitude and not expecting everything to go perfectly to the last detail as planned, it’ll be just great. Kind of like a wedding.

My dress will be hemmed and ready to wear on May 6. I am ahead of the game on this one. I’m fairly confident in my seamster, but again, it’s tough to count on anything 100% until it’s actually done. But I’m excited about this (especially since it’s going to cost so much less than I thought it would), and I’m considering lugging the thing to Milwaukee on the May trip instead of it being one of the millions of things I’m concerned with on the trip in July.

On top of this and everything else, May 5 is the last official day of classes, that is, when everything is due. Greg is in town. My aunt and uncle are coming in next weekend, and so is Holly. I’m not sure how I’m going to do a paper, anthology, a 6-poem anthology with statements, and an 8-page anthology in that time. I’ve got moderate starts on everything but the Niedecker stuff (paper & anthology for Modernist Women class). So Hopefully I can get my poetry out of the way and then focus all of next week on the Neidecker.

James brought home dark chocolate M&M’s. Watch out waistline. Actually, after I’m no longer bogged down with school, I’m considering getting my bike fixed and riding to work every day. Then I won’t feel so bad about a handful of M&M’s.


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