I realized the other day that my teeth are kind of yellow-ish. This annoys me because it is one more body thing to concern me in these last short weeks leading up to the Big Day. Because I am the bride, and the bride must look as gorgeous and sparkly as physically possible. So I got some whitening toothpaste and some Trident White chewing gum to begin the journey. If these items fail to work miracles, and frankly, I’m not holding my breath, then I will give those white strips or night effects things a try. Any recommendations?

In other news, I got shoes for the Day. And yesterday I purchased James’ wedding band. A couple more things to cross off the list.

However, what I really should be doing is writing for class tomorrow and for Thursday. I was kind of dumb and volunteered to lead discussion on Thursday. Do I know what the hell I’m doing? No. Not a lick.

I’m having trouble with poetry. We have eight pages due for workshop and six projects with explanations due for CVC. I feel like I’m behind, but I might not be. I just have to do some revising. Which I hate.

Anyway, the weather is really starting to warm up now. Things are blooming and the allergens are in the air. But I’m already registered for some classes for next year, and I’m looking forward to the summer and to the wedding. I wish this semester would just end.


One thought on “Whitening

  1. Stacey says:

    The Simply White stuff works pretty well though you have to consistently use it when it says for it to actually have an effect.

    And don’t worry — no matter how many little things are bothering you, you are going to look gorgeous on your day!

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