This morning, we sat down on the living room floor to enjoy our fine breakfast of Dunkin Donuts, when lo and behold, there ran a little black ant across the stark white of the paper towel. I smooshed him and glanced around the carpet to see several more. We went through a lot of paper towel today.

We think that the ants hitched a ride somehow on my overnight bag from last weekend. And while I am loathe to believe that the Hilton was infested, the bag seemed to be the origin of the multitude of ants we found crawling in our carpet. So, James cleaned the living room so it can be vacuumed. I began work on my Mina Loy project that’s due Thursday.

We really do need to do a deep clean on our humble abode. It hasn’t happened for quite some time. But alas, I still have four more weeks of big bad school and nearly a semester’s worth of work to complete in that short time. I shouldn’t have to deal with the distraction of having to keep house or keep ants away.

In other “ant” news, today is my Aunt Denise’s birthday. She almost cried when I called to say “Happy Birthday” to her. We got to talk for a few minutes, and it was nice to hear her voice, too. I miss my family a lot sometimes.

Alright, enough stalling. Back to the paper, I guess.


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