On the Retreat

It’s amazing how horny a religious weekend away can make a guy. James was all up in my stuff this weekend. He claims he was just trying to get me as hot and bothered (and frustrated!) as he has been for two months, but part of me wonders if he would have given up if I had given in. He told me he didn’t want me to give in, because participating in the spiritual part of this sacrament is important to me, but he couldn’t honestly tell me that he would have stopped himself, had I spread my legs and welcomed him home then and there.

We had the most fun this weekend walking to and from the room where we met to privately discuss our responses to the questions in our notebooks. He would take a surreptitious look around and grab my butt if no one was looking. I would slap his hand away and grab his butt not caring who was looking. Which only got him more riled up. When we were supposed to be having a quiet “forgiveness” session in a dimly lit conference room among 31 other couples, we spent the time whispering silliness and jabbing each other in the ribs. It wasn’t all game-playing and attempts to break down my will to abstain, we did learn some stuff and talk about serious things like love and family and babies, but we weren’t afraid to have fun with it, and with each other.


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